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The House Mouse (pictured) has an excellent sense of hearing, touch, smell, and taste. They are good climbers, swimmers, runners, jumpers, and are capable of invading nearly any structure they wish just after the first cold snap (September, October), through holes as small as a dime. Once inside the home, mice seek out warm areas such as under stoves, ovens, dishwashers, and fiberglass attic insulation. FVEPC Provides at least a 9 month warranty after treating for mice.

Damage, Disease, and Risk

Mice constantly chew, damaging automobile wiring and creating fire hazards in electrical wiring, as they nest and play in attics where they leave droppings and tunnel thousands of permanent holes in fiberglass insulated attics, reducing the ‘R-value’ of the insulation by as much as 50%, after several years and several infestations. (Notice the thermal image of mouse holes in attic fiberglass leaking heat.)

Many other problems caused by mice include damage to home furnishings, permanent odors make new homes smell old and allergens, as air travels from attics through walls and finally into living spaces.

The droppings, urine, and saliva of mice, carry several viruses, one of which (Hantavirus, carried in aerosolized droppings, although rare), can be fatal.

Finally, mice may also bring secondary pest problems from ectoparasites such as fleas, batbugs (similar to bedbugs), etc. Batbugs and bedbugs are a fast growing concern in Chicago and its suburbs, as Chicago ranks as #1, in the number of cases of bedbugs per capita in the US.

And the longer you let mice stay, the more damage they do!


Why do they choose MY home every year?
As mice come near your home they are attracted by the warmth at the base of the structure, and may come inside to investigate if they feel warm air coming from holes.
(Please see a thermal image pictured to the left)

Can the damage mice do be repaired?
Yes. FVEPC can repair the R-value damage and prevent further damage with “Pest-Proof” insulation which will kill insects, dissuade mice from nesting, reduce energy costs, and improve your comfort level. You should think of “Pest-proof” insulation as an investment that will start returning a profit in about 2-5 years (While these energy savings estimates are typical, they are not a promise, as results vary greatly from home to home).

FVEPC also provides removal of contaminated insulation and hazardous mouse dropping cleanup services. Cleanup of mouse droppings is dangerous and must be done very carefully, so as not to aerosolize and breathe the particles. It is highly recommended that cleanup should be done by a professional such as FVEPC. If attempting this yourself, be sure to wear an OSHA approved respirator and gloves during cleanup, fresh air the room for 24 hours before using , wash clothing, and shower immediately after.

How can I keep mice out?
FVEPC can make most, but not every home more resistant to mice. We also provide Tips on how you can accomplish this on a DIY basis, when we come out to provide a free quote for mouse elimination. (Sorry, but there is a charge for an attic inspection.) 


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