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Mice can climb (vines, wire, pipe, brick, concrete), can jump 3 feet, and can squeeze through openings as narrow as a pencil, so they are capable of invading nearly any structure they wish.

Mice love the warmth and security homes provide and begin invading nearly every home, each year, immediately after the first chilly day (September, October) signals the coming of cold weather. Once inside, mice seek out warm areas such as under stoves, ovens, dishwashers, and fiberglass insulation in basements and attics, where they may reproduce (6-9 pups every 6 weeks.

Mice are filthy.  ‘URGENCY’ is not too strong a watchword.

Each mouse poops as many as 70 dropping each day, they can permanently damage your home in just a few years and may affect your health.  Every home should be protected at least yearly.  Getting rid of the mice, however, doesn’t get rid of the filth they left behind.

Fox Valley can exterminate, disinfect, and seal them out for good… guaranteed.  We provide an industry-leading                                                                     9-month warranty after treating for mice.


Mice constantly chewdamaging the wiring in your home and in automobiles, leading to electrical fires. They can also chew their way in if a gap isn’t quite big enough.

Mice tunnel…  causing permanent damaging attic and basement insulation up to 50% with thousands of holes that warm air leaks through and is lost. 


Mice poop…  and saliva carry numerous debilitating viruses and allergens which aerosolize, mixing with air you breath. Note: 40% of the air in homes typically comes from the attic and basement.   

Mice pee… Urine from mice can a ‘trigger’ for asthma and is the cause of the distinct “mousy” smell.

Thermal image of an Attic. Notice hot spots originating from mouse holes. Mouse holes can cause a 50% reduction in insulation R-value!

Thermal image of a home exterior. Notice the heat escaping at the bottom. This heat will attract mice to your home, even in wintertime.


Why do they choose MY home every year?
At first, it’s all about being warm and dry (not about food) As mice come near your home they are attracted by the warmth at the base of the structure, and may come inside to investigate if they feel warm air coming from holes.
Can the damage mice do be repaired?
Yes. FVEPC can repair the R-value damage and prevent further damage with “Pest-Proof” insulation which will kill insects, dissuade mice from nesting, reduce energy costs, and improve your comfort level. You should think of “Pest-proof” insulation as an investment that will start returning a profit in about 2-5 years (While these energy savings estimates are typical, they are not a promise, as results vary greatly from home to home).
Can I clean mice droppings up myself?
Yes, but with great care. Cleanup of mouse droppings is dangerous and must be done very carefully, so as not to aerosolize and breathe the particles If attempting this yourself, be sure to wear a mask that is N95 or greater, or you will breathe in dangerous particles. Wear gloves during cleanup, wash clothing, and shower immediately after.

As this is a dangerous task, we recommend having it done professionally. FVEPC will vacuum and disinfect basements to greatly reduce odors and return your house to a healthy environment. In many cases, replacing insulation is required.
Can I keep mice out?
Probably NOT… but WE can.  Mice exclusion is difficult, even for professionals. We give a 2 year or more warranty NOT because we are confident but instead because we want to be sure your problem is PERMANENTLY SOLVED.

As mentioned before, mice can squeeze through nearly any gap. Finding and blocking these gaps is very difficult and time consuming, so when you call, FVEPC sends mice exclusion experts. During the mice treatment, they thoroughly inspect to discover how mice are invading, and give a quote to seal.  Later… after the existing mice population has been killed, they can return and complete sealing.

If you seal them out… You also seal them IN.  So, the first step is always to be rid of the mice.  For more Tips or if you just have questions about your home… Or for a free quote, just call 630-513-8120.  Your questions will be answered by a university trained, State of Ill Certified Tech from 8-5 Mon-Fri.