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Biohazards are loosely describes here as microscopic living organisms that could cause disease or allergies to your family, or structural damage or cosmetic damage which could affect your comfort or the value of your home.

Many of these Biohazards have been covered in “tips for a healthy home”, including: mold, and animal or insect dropping in attics and walls which will eventually contaminate the air you must breathe, with recommendations for actions to reduce risks.

Other animal droppings near the home include raccoon dropping and bird droppings which accumulate under bird feeders and aerosolize when children run across them, or contaminate balls and toys that touch them.

Many insect infestations, such as roaches, ants, and mice (to name just a few) should also be considered potential risks to health, as they often carry salmonella, and serious viruses. Ticks near the home may carry Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which affects pets, and allergies to red meat. Mosquitoes have the reputation of causing more deaths via Malaria, and Nile Virus, than any other creature on the planet. Mosquitoes can breed near the home in standing water sources such as leaves in gutters or gathering near the homes foundation, or in bucket or jars which are allowed to hold rain water. Which brings us to moisture.

Moisture (or high humidity)

Moisture (or high humidity) is conducive to all of the BioHazards, to some degree, because all living things including microbes need moisture to be successful. Keeping a house dry inside walls, basements, and attics, and designing gutters and mulch beds near the homes foundation walls to dry quickly , is a major step in eliminating biohazards.


Biohazard are a subset of environmental hazards, which may include non living elements such a Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as off-gassing from mold or building materials, Carbon Monoxide , low oxygen levels, Radon gas,…

Environmental Hazards (other than Biological Hazards)

It should be understood that the following are only a few of the many things in your home which are dangerous. (At the top of the list of dangers are the probably the foods which we put into our mouths, and the words that come out of our mouths, however those hazards are beyond the scope of this discussion.)

Radon gas

(the second leading cause of lung cancer) is common in approximately half of the homes in Kane and Dupage counties. The test for Radon can be done easily by the homeowner, and should be done using 90 day kit which is sold at local hardware stores and will be read by a qualified lab, after you have taken the measurements.

Poor indoor air quality

The CDC has determined that indoor air is 5X as contaminated as outdoor air. Indoor contamination often comes in the form of odorless, colorless contaminants to air quality. Volatile Organic Compounds from attached garages or adjacent driveways , mold VOCs from attics or basements, and Off-gasses from caulks, glues, carpeting, and fiberglass insulation can find their way to living spaces. Others factors affecting air quality include Carbon Monoxide from improperly operating furnaces, low oxygen levels due to improper ventilation, and leaking natural gas (we find an average of one leaking gas line in each home we inspect), and sewer gasses. Pollen and other small particulates also hang suspended in the air and can lodge in lungs and accumulate to become serious and sometimes incurable illnesses, or aggravate asthma.

If you are concerned about indoor air quality, FVE has measurement equipment to report on all of the above air quality factors, on a room by room basis, to understand and detect the levels and source of the contaminants. FVE also provides Ultraviolet BioHazard inspections of attics, basements, and etc., to detect damage to insulation and air quality that has come from biological factors such as insect and animal droppings. 

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