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Pests don’t just invade. Over time they leave odors and viruses that make homes unsafe and uncomfortable and that lessen home values. At Fox Valley Environmental Pest Control, we exterminate pests, provide pest damage repair and cleanup, and seal exteriors to prevent reinvasion. Our goal is to make your home safer than it was before we arrived. You can rely on us for quality pest control services for Elgin, IL.


What is the most important thing to look for in a pest control company? Perhaps it is the qualifications of the technician that arrives at your door. Because we believe you deserve the best, Fox Valley sends only caring, certified technicians with years of experience to treat the inside of your home. We also believe in personalized service, so you will most likely see the same technician you know and like every time!

Fox Valley Environmental Pest Control is a family-owned company, and we have served the Elgin, IL, area since 1990.We can rid your home of the following pests:

Beyond insect control, we can also take care of furry invaders like mice and rats. Our services are fast and efficient — 90% of the time, we respond to emergencies within 2 hours.


We believe that the war against pests should be waged OUTSIDE whenever possible — NOT in your living room — to keep both pests and chemicals out. But even if we need to treat inside, we nearly always find a way to keep chemicals away from kids and pets so that you have the safest pest solution possible.

Want to do it yourself? Have questions? Visit our website to get DIY info or to make an appointment. You can also call 630-513-8120 to have a phone consultation that won’t cost you a dime — because we care about you!

We offer DEEP discounts to seniors, so don’t suffer with pests another minute. Call 630-513-8120 right now!

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